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Baby Squid, scientific name Alloteuthis media, is a species of mollusk very similar to their older brothers, squid. It is a cephalopod mollusk that does not reach a length of more than 8 centimeters.

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The baby squid is a cephalopod mollusc with an elongated cone-shaped body with a sharp end. On the back in a lateral position there are two narrow fins that depart from the middle of the body, the head protrudes from the coat with the eyes in a lateral position and around the mouth there are four pairs of arms and a pair of tentacles rich in suckers at the end. The color is transparent white with pink violet dots . It can reach a size of 12-14 cm and is most common around 3-7 cm. The shell is internal and has the consistency of a transparent veil. It can reach 350 m of depth, normally it is found between 20 and 100 m. migrates to the coasts in spring of autumn when the reproduction is more intense, even if it is a species that reproduces all year round. It is located along all our coasts.

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