Frozen Clams


Venerupis Decussata or Ruditapes Decussatus is a dorid mollusk in the family Veneridae. She is the one who holds the title of “Clam Verace”, as a native species of the MediterraneanSea.



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The distinctive feature of the Venerupis Decussata is the presence of the two separate siphons. It has an equivalve shell, oval and inequilateral in shape, the same is elongated transversely and has a truncated posterior margin. The shell is strongly decussed. The external coloring is tending to grayish-white or contrast between dark and light shades. They may also have a shade tending to white with shades of yellow or green. They are characterized by the presence of notches and lighter spots, spots and streaks, and finally by broken linestending to brown and black. The internal color instead is yellowish-white, with shades of blue. The presence of a purplish elongated spot can be found along the back edge of the hinge.

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