Frozen Red Mullet


Belonging to the Mullidae family, it is called red mullet. It differs from the mud one called “Mullus barbatus” for environment, color and habits. Also loved by the Greeks and Romans, it is a precious fish because its flavor is intense and tasty.

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Black eye with yellowish-white sclera, a slightly elongated body with red scales. Various shades that it presents, ranging from red to pink, up to the shades of brown and orange. On average, the length of the mullet is around 20-25 cm. Through her very small mouth she looks for food on the seabed and among the rocks, the two barbels that continue from her mouth when she feeds allow her to move the sand to catch microorganisms in the sea, her very minute and thin teeth that are found only in the lower part of the jaw allow her to break andshred.

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